Diamond Jubilee

Mordiford School, The Parents, Teachers and Friends of Mordiford School, The Dragons, Mordiford Church, The Dormington and Mordiford Group Parish Council and DCAT, all came together to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Celebrations started in school on Thursday 31st May with a Street Party and the presentation of a special commemorative mug to each child.  Pupils then buried a steel time capsule in which they had safely stored items to be examined in, perhaps, 100 years time.  The capsule was buried at the foot of the old bell tower near the school garden, and a plaque was fixed to the wall above it, to

commemorate the event.  Each of a visiting group of children from Europe also received a mug and each was able to add to the contents of the capsule before it was sealed.  In addition to the items stowed away by the children, a copy of the Hereford Times, the Diamond Jubilee magazine section of the Sunday Times, a copy of the Mordiford School prospectus, a commemorative mug, a tungsten light bulb and a selection of plastic carrier bags from the major supermarkets was added.  No doubt you can think of other items which should have been included, but the children probably thought of them anyway
On Saturday night, 2nd June, the Police Choir, with children of Mordiford School, held a concert in The Church of The Holy Rood, Mordiford. The packed church appreciated some wonderful singing, and afterwards enjoyed refreshments in the school hall.At 9.00am on Sunday 3rd June, a group of about 30 adults and children met at Mordiford School, and after a roll call climbed into minibuses for their journey to Badgers Crossing in Hampton Bishop. There they received a safety briefing and carefully decorated ten canoes with patriotic flags and bunting.  The canoes were then put on the river to form a flotilla.  These were expertly paddled down the Wye and up the River Lugg to Garlands Farm with many people on the banks shouting words of encouragement. The group then walked back to school to meet friends and relations and outlined their experience.

A service to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was held in Mordiford Church at 9.30am.

At 12.30pm, a special yew tree was blessed by Dr Chris Moore.  The Chairman of the Parish Council, Mr Nick Brewin, introduced three guests, Edgar Moss, Peter Davies and John Harris. These men had served the community for many years.   They were invited to plant the yew   to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  A plaque has been installed at the foot of the tree to record this event.

At 1.00pm the Diamond Jubilee Grace was recited by the Rev. Jane Davies of the Lugwardine and Dormington Group of Parishes, and people from far and wide were invited to select delicacies from the enormous range of dishes brought in for the Big Lunch.  Drinks were provided by the Mordiford School PTFA.  The Loyal Toast was proposed by Major Hereford.  After lunch, an afternoon of fun on the school field had been arranged, but unfortunately the rain intervened, and the

programme had to be curtailed. However, certain hardy individuals continued with the egg and spoon race, archery, golf, skittles, badminton and other events.  In the comfort of the two marquees generously supplied by the Dormington Community group, DCAT, the picnic continued and judging took place to find the best plate of cupcakes and most decorative crown. At 3.00pm the Grand Draw was made, and valuable prizes including a week’s accommodation in a rural cottage in Spain, were won by lucky individuals.

From about 8.30pm on Monday 4th June, people gathered at Swardon Quarry.  Word had spread that a barbecue had been arranged with some drinks.  As time passed, more and more people gathered, and by 10pm there was little space left in the viewing area above Swardon Quarry. At 10.15, with the arrival of Major Hereford, representing the Lord Lieutenant of Hereford, the Parish Beacon, one of over 4000 beacons built around the Commonwealth, was lit.  At first it was reluctant to burn, but by 10.30pm it was truly blazing.  Up to nine other beacons could be seen dotted over the extended landscape. Many people stayed to watch our beacon burning, long after midnight.

The lighting of the Parish Beacon was the climax of the long weekend of celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee.

God Save the Queen!